Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

Your identity is your most valuable asset.

We can help protect it.
Information you give out frequently, like your address or driver's license number, is all a criminal needs to usurp your identity and wreak havoc on your finances and well-being.

Quickly mounting expenses required to recover from identity fraud can be equally traumatic. Tri-Town Insurance offers coverage to compensate some of the expenses of protecting your most valuable asset, your identity.

A smart add-on to your Auto and Home Homeowner policy, Identity Fraud Expense coverage costs around $25 for $15,000 of coverage* to pay for expenses incurred as a direct results of Identity fraud, including:

  • Reasonable attorney fees incurred as a result of the particular case.*
  • Lost income resulting from time taken off of work to resolve the case, up to $5000.
  • Costs to re-apply for loans previously rejected due to effects of the case.
  • Costs of documents required by financial institutions to prove the case.
  • Costs for long distance phone charges to institutions assisting in the resolution of the case.
Identity fraud financial devastates almost 10 million Americans every year. Let us help you get back on your feet if you're a victim of identity fraud.
*Identity Fraud Expense Coverage usually has a $250 deductible.