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When someone is successful in life, we at Tri-Town Insurance know that it wasn't by accident, but by careful planning and a specific focus on challenges.

We realize you are not an expert on insurance and financial planning and that you surround yourself with various people with an array of experience. Tri-Town clients can rest assured that we assist with various insurance, estate and financial products to help you and your family with:

  • Financial protection - we assist you in maintaining your current or better lifestyle;
  • College planning - funding program;
  • Retirement planning - 401k, SEP, IRAs, annuities, Medicare supplements, health insurance
Whether personal or business planning is your concern, Tri-Town assists you in achieving and maintaining the wealth that you acquire now and later.

We know that simple solutions may not be your best solution. Tri-Town does not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. As our logo states, "We're looking out for you." We keep your best interest at heart, not just what appeals to your senses.

It is our commitment and obligation to listen to your concerns and provide solutions. Realizing this, we at Tri-Town want to help avoid gaps in coverage by offering insurance and financial solutions.

Last Will and Testament - You state who receives your property after your death.
Probate of Estate - Legal process of distributing your assets after death.
Durable Power of Attorney - Allows you to choose someone to do legal transactions on your behalf.
Health Care Proxy - Appointing an adult to make your health care decisions for you if you are unable.
Living Will - Your written or oral indication in matters of medical treatment.
Living Trust - Can save your assets from high cost of nursing home and avoid costly and time-consuming probate process.
Deed with Retained Life Use- Transfer property to children or other non-family members and still keep STAR discount on property taxes.
Medicaid - We prepare Medicaid applications. Even if you're in a nursing home, we can still save family assets. You may be eligible for Medicaid right away with no waiting.

Long-term financial success doesn't happen by chance.

If you are someone who has already achieved a significant measure of that success, you know that strategy and success must go hand in hand if you want to build a strong financial future.

Accountability is also critical. The most brilliant financial strategists will have nothing to show for their acumen if they cannot establish clear goals and objectives and take the necessary steps to transform aspiration into actuality.

Achieving long-term financial success is an accomplishment to be proud of. Maintaining that financial success over the long-term is a challenge you must be prepared to face, or you could lose everything you've worked so hard to build.

As you strive to establish a secure financial future, how do you know when you have done enough?

As a firm that provides an array of products, Tri-Town Insurance agents offer both expertise and understanding. While our agents possess a wealth of knowledge on various products and estate planning, one of the most important things we can ever do for you is listen.

It is our job to understand your accomplishments and understand your dreams for the future - and seek out the gaps and challenges in your financial plan.